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STUDY GROUP- Webinar: "Help Your Clients Keep Control of their Lives and Money if they Become Incapacitated in Later Life (Or in Their Younger Years)"

Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2023
Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Location: ZOOM
Speaker: Louis W. Pierro and Prof. Peter J. Strauss

Details: Americans are aging dramatically. The 2020 census shows 16.8% - 56 million - are over 65. Six million of us are over 85, and over 100,00 are over 100!  Science and medical miracles are creating a growing population of the “oldest old.”   That’s the good news.

But the bad news is that at age 85, 50% of all older Americans need significant assistance in daily functioning. No speed walking, hiking or golf for them. Many cannot feed, dress, bath or toilet themselves, or pay their bills without assistance caused by stroke, Parkinson’s disease, ALS or dementia - requiring costly full-time care to assist in performing “activities of daily living” (ADLs). This care is considered to be “custodial” not “skilled,” costs not covered by Medicare. Individuals often become impoverished.  So how do we pay for long-term care? At-risk seniors face other problems, not just financial ones.  Who manages financial affairs if a client is incapacitated?  Who makes health care decisions?   Who decides whether treatment at the end of life, such as tube-feeding, invasive surgery, or kidney dialysis, should be provided or withheld?  How can an incapacitated client ensure decision makers will carry out his or her wishes?


Louis W. Pierro, Esq., is the Founding Partner of Pierro, Connor & Strass, LLC, a law firm with offices in New York City, Albany and additional locations in New York, Florida, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Peter J. Strauss, Esq., Senior Partner, Pierro, Connor & Strauss, LLC. Mr. Strauss is a pioneer in the Elder Law movement with special expertise in the legal problems of aging and persons with disabilities, end of life issues and the capacity of persons with disabilities to execute legal documents with respect to health care.


If you wish to attend, please RSVP online at www.epcnassau.org 

or to our Committee Chairperson:

Michael P. Ryan, Esq.



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