Dear Members and Guests:

Welcome to the official website of the Estate Planning Council, Inc. of Nassau County (EPCNC). The Estate Planning Council of Nassau County, Inc. is a member of the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils (NAEPC). Our organization consists of certified public accountants, attorneys-at-law, trust officers and accredited financial planners. We also offer membership to those persons participating in fields closely related to estate planning. Our members either reside or have a place of business in the counties of Nassau and/or Suffolk, Long Island, New York. All of the above is detailed in our By-Laws which can be found under the Tab “Membership Application” on this website.

At our monthly meetings we offer our membership presentations from industry leaders about planning techniques, hot and current topics and shared experiences pertaining to the many disciplines of estate planning. Our meetings provide the opportunity to visit with friends and establish new relationships. As part of the membership dues we offer eight monthly meetings consisting of four dinner and four breakfast meetings. For more information regarding our monthly meetings, please check our calendar that can be found at this website.

Our partnership with the NAEPC provides members with new services and opportunities, access to Webinars, as well as providing information on other estate planning councils and their members throughout the country. Please browse our website for more information about our Council.

For our fiscal year of 2016-2017, the Estate Planning Council, Inc. of Nassau County was named as winner of the Council of Excellence Award given by the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils. A designation we are very proud of as only a handful of organizations nationwide received this designation.

Our meetings are generally the third Thursday of each month and alternate between breakfast and dinner meetings. I look forward to seeing you there.

Very truly yours,

James T. Peluso, AEP®, CTFA.-President

The Estate Planning Council of Nassau County, Inc.

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